Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions that come to us, if there is anything else you wonder about, we are happy to help!

– Cask Owner Questions (cask filling, cask tasting, bottling, other cask questions)
– Visit Questions
– Financial Questions
– Other Questions
– General Whisky Questions


What makes Mackmyra Swedish Whisky unique?

To make our whisky, we use only Swedish raw materials such as water from the nearby Valboåsen. The use of Swedish oak, and the smaller volume of 30 liters, is what distinguishes us. Due to the harsh climate, the Swedish oak has a distinct flavor characterized by herbal spiciness and caramel sweetness.

The Cask Web, what is it?

On the cask web, you follow your cask during storage, where you can book your cask for filling, with or without your participation, book cask tastings and bottling. You will also find useful information regarding your cask ownership.

How do I log in to the cask web? What is my username?

The email address is primarily your username. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one on the cask web login page.
If you have multiple accounts with the same email address, you will need to use the customer number for the respective account.

How do I change my customer information?

On the cask web, you can change your contact details and login information.


How do I book cask filling?

Book your cask filling on your cask web, where you decide whether you want to participate in filling your cask, spike your plaque, and see our gravity distillery from the inside or if we should fill your cask without your presence. Cancellation of cask filling with participation must be made at least 2 weeks before the event. On the cask web, click on event then cask filling.

Adopted an already filled cask

When you have bought an already filled cask, you need to go to the cask web and activate the cask and approve your plaque text. This is done under the same tab as you order cask filling. Go in via event and then click on cask filling. If no choice is made, the cask is activated 30 days after the payment date.


When can I taste the cask?

We recommend that you taste your whisky annually, but you can also do it more often if you want. Cask tastings take place on fixed dates that you book in advance.

Why should I taste my cask already after a year, it should lie at least two more years?

When you continuously taste your cask during the storage time, you build up a unique knowledge about your cask's individual flavor development. If you have tasted your cask every year from the cask's first anniversary, you will more easily be able to determine if it is ready for bottling. Moreover, it is very nice to bring other cask owners or friends for a tasting!

How do I book a cask tasting?

Book your cask tasting on your cask web, where you see all bookable occasions for your cask. We offer different types of cask tastings, see the different types for your warehouse on the cask web. When you log in to the cask web click on event and then cask tasting.


When can I bottle?

Whisky must always be stored for three years before it can be called whisky. After that, it is up to you when you want to bottle. If you choose to fill your cask with Pre-aged Elegant, you can bottle just one year after we have filled your cask. We offer four fixed bottling occasions per year.

How do I book bottling?

You book your bottling through your cask web, where you find all the current bottling occasions for the year. Before you book bottling, consider the following:
• In which country do you want to pick up your bottles?
• What do you want it to say on the label (max 30 characters)?
• Do you want to order a refill and refill the cask?
• If you do not want to refill the cask, you can buy your cask. Price: 4.500kr.

How do I pick up my bottles?

When you choose to bottle your cask, you also choose how you want to pick up your bottles. Currently, you can choose to pick up your bottles in Denmark, Germany, or private import via Systembolaget in Sweden.

How many bottles will I get?

Each year about 2-3% evaporates from the casks. This means that the amount of whisky decreases over the years. An average of 48 bottles (50 cl, cask strength) after three years on 30-liter casks. With longer storage, the number of bottles may decrease.

What information is on the label?

The label includes numbering, warehouse, alcohol content, volume, recipe, and cask type, as well as the personal text you choose.

What will the fees be for tax and VAT on my whisky?

We cannot say exactly what your fee for tax and VAT will be before your cask is emptied as it depends on how many bottles we get from your cask and what the alcohol content of your cask is. Both alcohol tax and VAT differ between countries. Sweden currently has a higher alcohol tax than Denmark and Germany. The alcohol tax depends on the alcohol content (the higher the alcohol content, the higher the tax). Currently, VAT is 25% in both Sweden and Denmark, while it is 19% in Germany.

Private import of my whisky?

You do your private import at, or go to your local Systembolaget and fill out a form for private import. It is important that you state your cask number as the product name.

I will pick up my bottles in Sweden. What happens from the time I ordered bottling until I can pick up my bottles from Systembolaget?

It is quite a complicated process but to describe it all in bullet points, it can be summarized like this:
1. Log in to Systembolaget's website for private import

2. Wait for a confirmation email with your inquiry number

3. Wait for an email that an offer is available on My pages on It may take about a week before you get an answer to your inquiry as we take out the cask sample at your order. We need to take out the sample before the offer is sent to get your current alcohol content.

4. Go to My pages and accept or reject the offer.

5. A confirmation will be sent to you via email when we have sent the order to the seller.

6. The store will contact you when the goods have arrived!

How do I order a refill of my cask? If I want to buy my cask after emptying?

When you book your cask for bottling via your cask web, you can also make an order for a refill cask. After we have emptied your cask, we refill it again with your desired recipe. For the current cost, see on your cask web or contact customer service. You can also order your empty cask and have it shipped home.


We are several cask owners of the cask, what do we do then?

The cask experience is something that you like to share with friends, and in order for your cask friends to receive the same information and offers as you who are registered cask owner, you can register them as cask friends on the cask. This is easily done on the cask web, after we have registered your payment for the cask.

Can I transfer my cask to someone else? In case of death etc.

Contact customer service for more information. We will send you all the information and forms for the transfer of your cask. In case of death, Mackmyra Swedish Whisky AB needs a division of the estate to be available. General rules regarding cask ownership, cancellation questions, etc. You receive the terms regarding the cask purchase with your cask purchase.

Move my cask to another warehouse?

If you want to move your cask during the storage period, this costs 2000kr. We move casks 4 times per year (Fjäderholmarna 3 times per year).


How do I book my visit?

Via the website you book our open events at our visitor destinations and around the country. For other events with us or inquiries at another location – contact us for a quote.

What is there to do with you?

On our website, you can see what is current at each warehouse and around the country.

On-site in Mackmyra Whisky Village, you can hold conferences, meetings, have lunch/dinner, experience our distillery through tours and whisky tastings. On the website, we tell more about our open events. For customized events – contact

My company wants to make a visit, how does that work?

A visit with us can include various parts such as a tour, whisky tasting, dinner, or lunch. Our knowledgeable guides and staff will guide you through your visit. Our ambition is to make it educational and arouse curiosity.

If you are interested in a visit, please contact with the date and how many you are, and we will get back to you.

Cancellation rules

For our bookable events, we cooperate with the ticket administrator Tickster, we refer to their cancellation rules. For group visits, the following applies: If the date is changed later than five days before the event, 15% of the cost of the event will be charged. In the event of cancellation of the event or reduction in the number of persons later than five working days before the event, the full price will be charged. The age limit for the event is 18 years. Booking is valid only when we have received a signed booking confirmation.

General info what is included in a whisky tasting, tour? How long do the arrangements take?

We have different types of arrangements. At you will find all the information about our different arrangements; prices, content, and estimated duration.

Accessibility, wheelchair access, where are you located?

All guests are welcome. Regarding wheelchair access, we would like to have information in advance if a guest is wheelchair-bound or uses a walker. We have security classifications in our distillery. We have elevators and wheelchair-accessible toilets, we have good wheelchair accessibility. For info on addresses, see


When will the money from my promissory note/voucher come in?

When you have done your private import and Mackmyra gets notice from Systembolaget that your order has been approved, we will transfer the money from the promissory note/voucher.

Do I own the contents of my cask?

At the time of purchase, the ownership of the cask contents transfers from Mackmyra Whisky to the cask owner. The cask can be purchased in connection with the bottling (currently it costs 4500kr).


Where can you buy gift cards?

Online or on-site in Mackmyra Whisky Village. If you are unable to come to the Whisky Village, please contact Here you buy gift cards online.

I have received a gift card, what can I get for it? Where is it valid?

The gift cards are valid for arrangements and in the Trade Booth in Mackmyra Whisky Village. When we arrange external tastings at restaurants, unfortunately, we cannot accept the gift cards there.

Where is there Mackmyra merchandise to buy? Stores? The web?

We have a shop in Mackmyra Whisky Village. There are also external webshops that sell parts of our products. We also have our own webshop

Are children allowed on the visit?

We have age limits. For alcohol-free tours 15 years. For whisky tastings 18 years. Children are of course welcome in the restaurant.


How should I store my bottles?

All bottles containing spirits should always be stored upright. The high alcohol content can otherwise eat away at the cork and eventually cause it to start leaking. The bottle should always be stored out of direct sunlight. UV radiation in sunlight causes the whisky to lose color and in some cases also taste. An opened bottle should be consumed within a year to prevent it from oxidizing and losing flavor. Note that if there is only a small amount left in the bottle (around 5-15 cl), it is best to drink it within three months to avoid flavor changes.

Why does the taste of the same whisky vary when using different types of glasses?

Different shapes of the glass you drink from generate different concentrations of scents and aromas, which in turn provide different taste and scent experiences.

What type of glass do you recommend?

If you want to drink a couple of centiliters and analyze the contents, a good cup that concentrates the scents and a long stem that keeps your own hand with all its scents away from the opening works well. A tulip glass of the type we have works excellently for tasting. For a whisky drink at the grill, a classic tumbler glass works. For professional tasters, there is an ISO-certified glass with exact specified dimensions. This is to ensure that a beverage that is tasted at each given occasion is given as similar conditions as possible.