As a Mackmyra cask owner, you open the door to a range of events and activities.
While waiting for your whisky to mature, we make sure to fill these years with fun and interesting
cask-owning event. This creates a strong community between us and our customers that is difficult to
describe, but which is amazing - almost half of the barrel-owning experience is the community
during the maturing period! What our barrel owners have in common is that they are bon vivants who enjoy food and drink in
in all its forms, and many become whisky buddies after meeting at these events over the years.


In fact, no one can tell you what something tastes like. It is only you who decides whether the notes
goes towards leather, chocolate, coffee or vanilla. But there are some common denominators that are
easier to agree on. These are about the conditions we give our whisky.

As the owner of a Mackmyra Reserve cask, it is you who decides these. It simply becomes yours
your own whisky that carries your flavours, created by your choices.

1. Choose Cask type
2. Choose recipe
3. Choose Warehouse
4. Name & fill your cask
5. You Cask Journy can begin!


Owning your own cask at Mackmyra is an experience that can last a long time and is perfect to
share with friends and family. The concept is based on the fact that you decide the whisky
basic requirements such as barrel type, recipe and stock. Then you choose a suitable name for your
whisky, which is then engraved on a brass plaque that adorns the cask. Once you have made your choices
we transport the cask from the whisky village in Gävle to the warehouse of your choice.

Our hope is that you will find a warehouse that is close to you, or in a location that you would like to
would visit often. Today you can choose between the main warehouse in Bodås Mine, the Forest Warehouse at the distillery in
Gävle,  Fjäderholmarna, Smögen and Hällsnäs outside Gothenburg. By
visit and taste your barrel, you can follow its development and decide when
the time is right for bottling. Of course, you have our knowledgeable whisky experts on hand to
consult you in your decisions.

All casks develop at different rates, but to be called a whisky, the malt distillate must have been matured at
oak barrels for at least 3 years. For those who want to speed up the process, there is the 4-year-old elegant recipe
Modelled on Elegant, which shows a more developed flavour profile right from the start.


​Many famous whiskies are aged in 200-litre casks, but to Mackmyra Reserve our friends
at Toneleria Luque, Toneleria Del Sur and Varalövs Tunnfabrik unique small 30-litre barrels. The smaller
the size allows the whisky to mature faster. After just three to five years, you have a well-developed, fine and
round flavour. Your barrel gives you about 50 bottles of 50 cl.


Whisky matured in Swedish oak has a deep dark colour. The flavour has a spicy herbaceousness that is balanced
a sweetness reminiscent of caramelised sugar. The barrels are tied by hand and charred vigorously
to really bring out the flavours of the oak. Our most unusual and perhaps most exciting cask.


With this classic American oak barrel that previously stored bourbon, your whisky will have a sweet aroma
and a beautiful golden colour. The flavour is round and smooth with hints of vanilla, caramel and honey.
Our bourbon barrels come from the USA where they have previously aged a batch of American bourbon.
The staves from these barrels are then sent to Spain and Toneleria Del Sur where they are hand-tied into
30 litre casks.


Whisky matured in oloroso casks has a lovely red amber colour and a scent of raisin sweetness and
dark chocolate. The casks are made from American oak and are bound by our cooper in Toneleria Luque in
Spain. When the casks arrive here, we saturate them ourselves with oloroso to get an even and high
quality with the typical fine raisin tones.


Whisky aged in new American oak has a complex and rich oakiness with distinct vanilla and
carbonates. The fresh oak allows the whisky to develop quickly and gives a powerful and round flavour where
the balance between sweetness and spiciness creates an amazing interplay. The whisky gets dark
berry stone coloured. The casks are tied by Toneleria Luque in Spain.



Some say you either love the smokiness or you don't, smoky whisky leaves
no one untouched. At Mackmyra, we smoke the Swedish way, with juniper. It is a craft that requires
both time and precision, but the result is well worth the effort.

The smoke from Swedish peat and juniper twigs gives the whisky a characterful, Swedish-influenced personality.
The result is a complex, well-balanced, smoky whisky.


When the whisky is not smoky, we call it Elegant. If it is fruity notes that make your mouth water,
this is the way to go. The elegant recipe lets the basic sweetness of the grain come to
It is a soft and delicate whisky with a round base and a fresh floral flavour. Some perceive
this whisky as softer and enjoy the purity and smooth flavour.


In addition to our main warehouse, the whisky mine in Bodås outside Gävle, you can choose to have your drink
mature in one of our five whisky warehouses around Sweden.

– Main warehouse: Whisky Mine, Bodås
– Forest Warehouse, Gävle
– Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm
– Hällsnäs, Gothenburg, Sweden
– Smögen

Most of Mackmyra's satellite warehouses are open for public viewing during the season and
are located in places that are well worth a visit.


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